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 Full Command List

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PostSubject: Full Command List   Full Command List I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 24, 2011 9:25 pm

General Commands:
/register password
- Register your unique character name and password, where shards are stored
/login username password
- The username is your "character name"
- Logs in your account to access your shards and status
/password oldpassword newpassword
- Changes your password from old to your new
/warp list
- List all server warps
/warp destination
- Warps you to that destination

/shards pouch
- Checks how much shards you have
/shards pay [playername] [amount]
- Pays a player the amount of shards specified
/shards notify
- Toggles points gain notification
- Displays the Deathtolls

Ranking system
/rank check
- Display your current rank message
/rank up
- Ranks your player to next rank if enough shards

Purchased commands (may cost depending on rank)
- Heals your character to full hp and mp
/tp player
- Teleports you to a player
/tphere player
- Brings a player to your position
/buff buffname
- Grants a buff to a player

Shards Rank commands (you will get them at certain ranks)
- view all players like their were in your party
/autoheal player
- Auto heals player when pass half hp
/permbuff player
- Puts a permbuff on player until death
- Whispers a message to a player
- Reply to your last whisper
- Protects a chest by opening it
/time day|night|dusk|noon|midnight
- Changes server time
/item itemid amount
- Gives you the item
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Full Command List
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