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 Custom Monsters List

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PostSubject: Custom Monsters List   Custom Monsters List I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 04, 2012 6:06 am

Custom are randomly spawned across the map, some are limited to certain events!

Emperor Slime - Bow down to the Emperor! This is basically an Over-sized king slime. This bad boy has 16000+ health and is about half the size of your screen (if you're on 800x600)
Tyrant Slime - A king slime that rules with an iron fist (err he doesn't have a fist). If the Emperor can't get you running this big guy will. Sporting over 32600+ health the max value for a monster's HP this guy will fill your whole screen! And he shall fill it with DREAD!
Hell Shark - This guy was originally created by Keui, owner and creator of Pinky's Revenge. Since his server shut down i took the liberty of Re-programming his old mod into a plugin for tshock so everyone can enjoy it. This hell shark shoots 3 lasers per second that damages for 50 without armor. Sporting a whopping HP of 30000 this fish won't be ending up in a can of tuna soon.
Hell Bunny - Hippity-hop away Puny mortals! The hell bunny may look like your ordinary corrupt bunny but don't be fooled. This little guy has been corrupted by the devil himself. From the depths of its dark heart he shoots 8 chaos orbs every 3 seconds that's almost impossible to dodge. And with 500 HP under his belt you're sure to not go unscratched with this little fella
Hell Slime - if you're not already familiar with my first creation, lemme introduce you. Mr. hell slime here is just like your ordinary lava slime. But after a while he grew tired of that boring place you call the underworld. So he trained and trained and gather enough strength so he can get out of there. Then one day he saw a hellevator a terrarian dug. He climbed out of it and now he's here enjoying his stay above ground. (that didn't help at all now did it? xD he's basically a lava slime that has 5000 HP and shoots 8 fireballs at you)
Tunnel Shark - Good ol' tunnel shark. This carnivorous chondrichthyes has evolved far more than your average shark. It has learned to somehow swim through the ground like a worm and jump at you biting! And if that isn't enough, it has evolved a brain that is smart enough to operate a space gun it stole from an unsuspecting victim to shoot at its prey when it emerges from the ground!
Hell Pinky - The end is nigh! Repent! He looks just like an ordinary pinky you say? nothing special about him you say? Well that maybe true, but what makes this guy so dangerous is that he just won;t stop coming! kill one and 2 takes its place! killing them all will lead to a destruction of PINK PROPORTIONS!
Laser Eye - Are you an X - Men fan? do you like Cyclops? well here's a different version of a one-eyed mutant shooting lasers! Flying from a safe distance this little guy will stare you down and shoot lasers at you while he does it!
Hell Boy - Ahh yes.. the classic Pinky's Revenge boss. Hell boy. Not much to say about this big fella other than he will bring complete and utter destruction on to you! With 30000 HP to keep im running after you, this Evil Eviscerator will bring on Endless Eradication!
Drill Shark - Boss version of the Tunnel Shark. This Malevolent Monstrous Marauding Mudskipper can definitely tear you a new one with it sharp fangs and deadly lasers that deal about 50 damage per shot. Sporting 10000 health this guy is one tough sushi
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Custom Monsters List
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