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 [RP][Adventure]Rise of the lost prince! (In construction)

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PostSubject: [RP][Adventure]Rise of the lost prince! (In construction)   Wed Nov 30, 2011 1:09 am

Begins after 1.1 update

Hi everyone, I'm making a new Adventure map! Need helpers of up to 8 players, must be very active and willing to spend many hours working on this series. Please drop down your application or submit some ideas! You will be in our credits

Real name:
Steam (link your profile, and must have a legit copy of terraria):
Experience in these areas (building, writing...):
How long are you on from Mon-Fri:
How long are you on from Sat-Sun:
What will you be helping on?
Why will i choose you over the other applications?

Main setup
Up to 4 players adventure/roleplay map. Small world size, starts on the left side of map and finishes on right side. The next episode will have 10~20 tiles copied over to 2nd map and will continue on the story from left side of map to right side of map. This means that it can have potentially unlimited episodes. It should feel like its continuous and of course a great story!
Every episode will be 1 small map, based around the story and will increase in difficulty as it goes. More treasures unlocks along the way and soon will be equip with mighty weapons!

Story line

Season 1, Episode 1 - Destiny finds you.

River Alexander, that's what they call me. My master told me he found me on a river, on a basket floating down one day, while he was hunting for some fish. His a great master by the way. We live in a small house by the river and some farms. I just turned 15 a week ago (since my master found me), and now i am working all day, hunting wild animals, fishing and sometimes going out to pick some fruit. My master had a son too, but he is only 10, we play around in night and we often fight too. I was the one who always gets the blame.

Life was simple, until that one day something had changed my life. It was a notice from the King of Eastwoods, wealthiest and most powerful ruler of our land. I didn't understand the words but i heard some people saying "lost son of the king", "1 million coin reward". I went over to ask a nice looking lady, she told me it was the king again, posting to find his lost son, those who find him will be rewarded with wealth and land. She also said, he is around 16 year of age with small star shaped birthmarks on the leftfeet and a crown shaped necklace. Suddenly, images of the necklace popped in my head, it was quick, and i kept thinking about it on the way home.

It was late at night, i was looking at the sky still trying to figure why am i seeing the necklace, the lady talked about. THAT WAS IT, i jumped out of my bed and ran to the storage room. I remember, it was the toy i use to have when i was young, i just need to find it. I hurried through the chest and boxes and at last, the dusty old necklace, just as the lady described. I sat down and wondered if i could be the kings lost son, then i remembered "small star shaped birthmarks on the left feet", i checked immediately and i was surprised! There 4 little birthmarks, slightly red, on my left feet. I didn't know what to do, i didn't know if it was real, and suddenly i said to myself, "I am heading to the Kings castle"

The next day i woke up, i ran into town. There happens to be the same lady, i asked her wheredoes the king live and she replied after she thinking 10 seconds "You keep traveling east, through the countless mountains, rivers, jungles, deserts, wilderness, until you see the gates of Eastwood." I ran off and replied " thank you lady!" Without a thought, i grab a couple of torches, a wooden sword, some food and began my adventure to the Castle of Eastwood!

Season 1, Episode 2 - A thousand miles begins with a single step.

Funny, but its actually a great day to travel. I walked over a few hills, through some outer towns and i reached the Village of Rutherfield. From a distance, i could smell something bad, don't know how to describe it, it was like rotten food. As i approached the entrance, i could see blood stains on the wall. Inside, was a complete mess. Destroyed houses and fields, like it was been raided. I tried to find someone, but no one replied, i guess they abandoned the village. It was late at night, so i had to find somewhere to sleep. I saw a stable looking structure, still holding up, and decided it should be fine for the night.

I was woken in midnight by horses running from a distance, i began to worry if the raiders are coming back. Soon, the sound became louder and i knew it was heading my way. I took our my wooden sword and hided in some hay. I waited... and waited.... I heard some voice, "spread out and search for the chest again, it must be here somewhere", and heard them going away. I became very excited suddenly, maybe because i was afraid of anything... yet. I sneaked quietly in one of the half damage houses...

To be continued...

Please i really need help with story and building the actualy map. Please fill in the application above and or leave replies on making this better!
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PostSubject: Re: [RP][Adventure]Rise of the lost prince! (In construction)   Sat Dec 03, 2011 8:03 pm

Real name: Jamie

Age: 21

Steam (link your profile, and must have a legit copy of terraria):

Experience in these areas (building, writing...):
built a small rp map in minecraft with some friends just before the official release

How long are you on from Mon-Fri:almost 24/7
How long are you on from Sat-Sun:about 20 hours over the weekend

What will you be helping on?
map building (if needed) i have been told from mates i have a knack for building rp buildings and would be more than willing to help you out

Why will i choose you over the other applications?
im not 100% sure you wil;l but i definatly want to put my hand in if the offer is there
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[RP][Adventure]Rise of the lost prince! (In construction)
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